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iPhone, Blackberry, apps, downloads. How does a business keep up with fast-moving mobile technology solutions? To maintain productivity, your organization needs to interface successfully with mobile devices, while maintaining security and keeping within budget.

The CNT Group can help your business create a mobile strategy that weighs the strengths of integrating different devices - Blackberry, iPhones, other PDAs and Smartphones - into your network. Our team gets questions all the time about the newest must-have mobile devices. Here's a quick checklist of pros and cons of two of the most popular, according to our experience.

iPhone advantages:
  • The iPhone is cool!
  • Music and videos are great - but you'll need your reading glasses for that tiny screen!
  • There are thousands of applications for the iPhone - some of them useless, but all of them fun. Check them out here.
  • Time on your hands? iPhone's killer games will keep you busy.
iPhone disadvantages:
  • It may be cool, but that touch screen technology is sensitive. Only the most careful of users should handle this one.
  • Businesses with sensitive information should take heed; security on the iPhone is mediocre.
  • If you live by email, remember that typing on a touch screen is not as fast as a keyboard.
  • Check your contract - ATT is the only carrier compatible with the iPhone.
Blackberry advantages:
  • Blackberries are business cool!
  • Blackberry offers bytes and bytes of storage for music, photos, and data.
  • Catch those office funnies or your kid's newest trick with the Blackberry's great camera.
  • Businesses looking for a deal have many choices for carriers with the Blackberry.
Blackberry disadvantages:
  • Brickbreaker is fun, but it isn't "Skee-Ball"
  • These devices are highly addictive.
  • It's just not as cool…
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